Friday, January 22, 2010

'66 Ironhead Sporty barn-find

  So a buddy was telling me about an old Sportster he had in his barn. Said it hadn't been ridden in years. I told him I'd love to go look at it. He just kinda laughed and said "tell ya what, you go check it out, take it home, tinker around with it, and if you think you might want it, we'll work something out." Needless to say it was in my garage the next day. It took a little effort, but I got her running and fucking love it!
  This thing is different from any bike I've ever ridden. Right-side shift, kick only, etc. etc.etc. Sometimes it fires right up, sometimes it's a bitch and a half.  But when she fires right up, it feels great!

  I'll hopefully be adding more pics and such as I go along.


After a few bolt-ons and some rattle can:

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