Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bunga teruong

I got shoulder tattoos similiar to these nearly twenty years ago. Still amongst my favorite tattoos, on me and others.

"The spirals in the middle are meant to symbolise the life cycle. Some villages say that it originally came from the spirals on the belly of tadpoles, and when you actually go find a tadpole as i have done, you can see this pattern. The bunga teruong is supposed to guard the wearer from evil spirits. Some of the other tattoos on different parts of the body are for different purposes. They used to tattoo the hands if they were headhunters.

The bunga teruong should always be done in pairs. They can be on the back, buttocks, shoulders and/or chest. NEVER, should they be done singularly. They are supposed to protect both sides of the body from evil. Just getting one would be silly. As to the number of petals; whilst they are all from the Iban or Dayak tribe, different villages would have slightly different designs."

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