Saturday, November 5, 2011

Showin' Some Class

  So recently, a friend of mine Buggy's mother passed away. While at the funeral I was talkin to her father, Gus Saunders Jr. about bikes and stuff. He said he had some old Sportster parts in his barn and to come on down and get them if I was interested. Needless to say, I was there the next day to check it out. Nothing too great really, a couple old ass rusty wheels, some decent Avon rubber, battery covers and shit like that. Of course I scooped it up, gratefully. While I was checkin out all the old primary covers and shit hangin from the walls, I spotted in the back corner this AF20 hangin up side-down. It literally had a bird's nest in it. Looked like nobody had touched it in years. Buggy said "take it if ya want"....hell nah....I told her to ask him if he wanted to sell it next time she saw him. Well a  few days go by and I asked her if she talked to him about the helmet..."Oh yeah. Daddy said it's yours if ya want it. It was his daddy's helmet. My Grandaddy." ....Old Man Gus Saunders Sr.....holy shit. This was Gus Sr.'s helmet. People speak of this man like he was a legend. Tough ass commercial fisherman forever, Coast Guard Veteran, and a super gracious guy with nothing but gold in his heart. Whew. Wow.
  Now I have his helmet, and I am beyond grateful to be the proud new owner of it. Of course it needed a little help, so I sent it off to Billy at Hell Mutt's to ressurrect it....he did a top notch job, and I am very thankful to him as well.
  Now all that's left is to strap'er down and start adding to the many miles this old shell already has logged.

Rest In Peace Captain Willie "Gus" Saunders
Mar. 27, 1911 - Jul. 16, 1996

I can't wait to show this to the Saunders family.

"Anyway boys I'll see you in the morning."

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